About Our Facility

Conscious yet Professional

Savinder Singh founded Amsterdam Cultivation and currently supports the company as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Singh has more than 20 years of occupational therapy experience. During his career, he witnessed the numerous limitations of traditional medicine when treating patients with various chronic diseases and illnesses. In response, Mr. Singh pursued high-level research into the health benefits of medicinal marijuana and was astounded at the success its use demonstrated in his patients.

As cannabis regulations evolved, Mr. Singh embarked on a mission to cultivate highly sought-after marijuana strains and provide legitimate care alternatives to addictive pain medications. In 2022, he launched Amsterdam Cultivation with full compliance adherence and state-of-the-art equipment at the core of the company's foundation. Additionally, Mr. Singh has assembled a team of experienced professionals to ensure the enterprise's longevity.

Aliceshia Slain, Director of Cultivation and Head Grower for Amsterdam Cultivation, has 12 years of indoor cannabis cultivation experience and is dedicated to living soil development and efficient business operations. Ms. Slain is skilled in advanced cultivation techniques and expansive facility procedures. 


Our Mission

Our Facility: Growing for the Future

Consciousness, Accountability, Sustainability, Oneness, Love

We’re dedicated to providing a conscious yet professional cultivation experience at our facility in Marshall, Michigan . Our plantation, educational activities are designed to bring visitors closer to nature while providing a memorable experience. We pride ourselves on our advanced farming methods so we can protect the environment while providing the community with the best cannabis.

Following the most ethical practices, both at Cultivation and Business, we believe that Cannabis has a lot to offer to human kind, and conscious growing by alignment  with nature is the only way forward. Cannabis has been used by different cultures and religions from times immemorial and we envision to grow and cultivate with loving care and oneness.